Smart Fecal Management

Fecal incontinence in critical care

Fecal incontinence in critically ill patients poses a significant challenge in everyday intensive care. Whether as a primary condition, accompanying issue or disease manifestation, fecal incontinence can lead to complications that negatively impact clinical outcomes, duration of hospitalization, and caregiving requirements. 

Traditional stool management tools required frequent changes and proved to be inadequate throughout the treatment process. Continuous fecal management systems made effective fecal diversion possible in the first place. However, first-generation systems mainly rely on silicone and carry potential risks such as pressure ulcers and leakage-related transanal or rectal bleeding. 

This experience served as a catalyst for our ambitious goal to revolutionize fecal management with intelligent sealing mechanics and launch a new era of innovation and optimization in critical care.

"Our hygh-tec system meets all the requirements for leading-edge fecal management, unlocking unprecedented therapeutic possibilities."

Catheter innovation for maximum leakproof assurance

Advanced Medical Balloons (AMB) revolutionizes fecal management in critical care with the introduction of hygh-tec systems, featuring an exceptionally efficient transanal sealing mechanism. Crafted with the elasticity of polyurethane, the catheter tube ensures a snug and gentle fit to the rectum and anus, adapting seamlessly to the pressure conditions in the rectum and abdomen and ensuring intelligent synchronization with the sphincter muscle.

Apart from the obvious hygiene and nursing benefits, the system expands possibilities for active fecal management and therapeutic interventions. With contamination-free fecal diversion as a given, hygh‑tec stands out as the first system to provide reliable enough leakproof access to the colon for irrigation and delivery of medication.

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